Shocking state of Edenvale roads

EDITOR – We would like to know why we are paying our rates and taxes when all we seem to be paying for is refuse removal.

Our roads are in a shocking state, fourth world, never mind third world, but we never see road maintenance workers on any roads doing their jobs, which citizens pay them to do.

It is so dangerous driving through potholes when we have to avoid on-coming traffic, never mind the pedestrians who persistently walk on the roads.

We, as drivers, cannot use the pavements to drive on so, please, pedestrians use the pavements which are easily accessible to you.

Potholes in the Edenvale area have not been filled or attended to for years.

How much worse and/or, how many accidents do we need to have on record, before the municipality does something?

I would like to know what work our road maintenance workers are doing every day as they are nowhere to be seen.

I think we should boycott the paying of rates and taxes until our roads have been repaired as we, as previously mentioned, pay their salaries.




EDITOR’S COMMENT – The letter was sent to the spokesperson for the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM), Mr Themba Gadebe, for comment on March 8.

Comment was requested by April 10.

At the time of going to print, no comment was received.

Charmaine Slater
Senior journalist (Edenvale)

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