Community members restore Horwood’s Farm.

Horwood's Farm was restored by community members over the weekend of Mandela Day.

Over the weekend of July 18 and 19, the Friends of Horwood’s Farm hosted a 67 Minutes for Mandela Day clean-up.

Horwood’s Farm was cleaned and painted by community members as part of their 67 minutes.

The event was attended by a variety of organisations as well as local residents.

On Saturday, the homestead was emptied of all waste material. The homestead was then swept out in preparation for the painting, which took place on Sunday last week.

According to Ms Sharon Lendrum-Fritelli, the organiser and founder of the Friends of Horwood’s Farm, the need for the clean up during the weekend was due to the deterioration of the premises.

“We would love to get Horwood’s Farm to a level of sustainability, hence we are busy with the maintenance of the buildings found on the premises,” said Ms Lendrum-Fritelli.

Clr Heather Hart, who also attended the event, said although the project was for Mandela Day, Horwood’s Farm was a much-loved park in the community.

“We would just like to give the place some dignity,” said Clr Hart.

From the many individuals who spent their day at Horwood’s Farm, there were also people who contributed in other ways.

Richard Lewarne, a member of the Wychwood Scouts, dedicated his time over the past few months to restoring the wooden jungle gym found at Horwood’s Farm.

“I am fixing the jungle gym so that I can obtain my Springbok Scouts Award,” said Richard.

Ms Lendrum-Fritelli said Richard offered to restore the jungle gym and has been given a stall at the craft market in order to help fund this project.

“The craft market contributes to Horwood’s restoration. It is the means of funding the project. We are also in need of ongoing volunteers,” she said.

“We are pleased that the weekend had such lovely weather but more so, the response from the community,” said Clr Bill Rundle.

Sascha-Lee Solomons

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