Car jamming video footage disappears

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“Car jamming”, a criminal trend whereby suspects interfere with the locking system of your car, has hit the Edenvale CBD.

Edenvale resident, Mr Brian Gordon, said he parked at the Van Riebeeck Mall on September 30 just after 4.30pm.

“We later left and went home as usual. We did not suspect anything as we did not open the boot nor check the car because it didn’t seem any different. After supper, on our way to a friend, my partner realised the Ipad was no longer in the car,” said Mr Gordon.

He said they checked the boot and realised more items were missing from the vehicle.

“We went back to the mall the following day and spoke to a man who referred me to the security who was very accommodating. He took us to the security office and said another car was jammed before ours,” said Mr Gordan.

“He showed us the video footage and it was evident that we were robbed. The footage showed my partner and I arriving and after leaving the parking area, a man appeared.

“He walked straight to the car and opened the boot with ease. In one movement he took out the laptop, closed the boot and moved to the passenger door and took the Ipad. In less than five seconds he walked off into the trees as casual as if he owned the car. Security said they will provide me with a copy of the footage,” said Mr Gordon.

“The following day I went back for the footage which had by then disappeared from the system. I was told the system is old. I was told someone will be called to retrieve the footage and fix the system by October 9,” he said.

Mr Bertie Deysel, from Shmira which is the security provider at the centre, said the company only provides security guards for the centre and not the parking area.

“There are car guards who are not from Shmira in the parking area. They are not part of us. We just provide a security service inside the centre.

“As a favour to our client, Van Riebeeck Mall, we offered to review the CCTV footage if the need arises as we know how to physically playback the footage. However it is not our system. The mall had an independent sub-contractor install the CCTV system and he is the person that the mall needs to contact to obtain a copy of the footage. We can only view it. We cannot make a copy or download the footage. When Mr Gordon contact us, he was informed of this and advised to contact the centre management to request a copy of the footage from the sub-contractor who installed that system,” said Mr Deysel.

“We confirm that at approximately 4.40pm on September 30, a silver Hyundai i30, parked at Van Riebeeck Mall, was broken into and valuables were stolen,” a statement from Van Riebeeck Mall Centre Management, forwarded to the NEWS by Broll, reads.

“We employ an external security company and we are conducting an investigation into the incident, the results of which will determine our course of action. Car jamming and theft is on the increase especially now as we approach the festive season. We urge motorists to be vigilant, physically check that their doors and boots are locked, valuables and any other personal belongings to be kept in the boot and out of sight,” the statement reads.

Sascha-Lee Solomons

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