City Power addresses power outages in Greenstone

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In an effort to find a solution to the recent power outages that have plagued Greenstone in recent weeks, Clr Bongani Nkomo of ward 32 and some Greenstone residents met with City Power officials on November 10.

The meeting was held to find a resolution to the recent power outages that hit the area.

Ms Katlego Mogale, the regional manager of City Power, said although Greenstone is developing, capacity is not the issue.

“We have more than enough capacity to meet the demand. A projection of future capacity requirements was done according to the empty stands long before development started; the developments are therefore catered for.

“Consideration was also taken for the major Zendai development that is earmarked for Modderfontein, with another major power station being built in Sebenza,” said Ms Mogale.

She said the power outages were caused by two reasons, the first being cable theft or vandalism which has recently plagued both the Greenstone and Modderfontein facilities.

The second reason was that one of the two transformers which supply the area had an internal fault.

She said the fault could only be established through a process of elimination, which was eventually identified and fixed.

“To deal with the cable theft, 24 hour security has been deployed and businesses operating in the vicinity of city power stations and cables have been encouraged to report any suspicious activity.

“In terms of the faults, these occur in many ways and also occur as a result of other companies or entities doing work and damaging city power cables in error,” she said.

She said the situation is stable at the moment, however it would be difficult to guarantee that power outages would not take place in the future.

Clr Nkomo said the meeting was positive as Ms Mogale was very aware of the issues in his ward.

“Ms Mogale seemed to be very hands on and acknowledged the issues in the ward. She was upfront in her responses and stated that she would like to establish a relationship between residents and City Power, where they can share information and challenges; therefore managing expectations,” said Clr Nkomo.

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