#YourStory – Against all odds

At the age of fifty most people are either planning on retiring and going on pension or looking after their grandchildren. But Mr Neville Ncala (56) is a grade 10 learner at Denver Community Centre and is determined to complete his matric irrespective of his age.

It will be difficult for him to find work in the open market after he completes his matric due to his age and physical condition.

“I tried many times to get my matric and I was told to go to Denver Community Centre, but my health deteriorated. Five years ago, I developed asthma and high blood pressure. At the beginning of 2011 I was diagnosed with cancer. I then became weak and couldn’t walk a long distance,” said Mr Ncala.

Mr Ncala developed the mental illness of schizophrenia at the age of 18 when doing his matric in Swaziland.

He wanted to become a scientist but his dreams crumbled because of his illness.

He is realistic now. Mr Ncala does not plan to work in the open market but rather wants to start his own business selling his artwork.

He has already started doing his artwork, which he gave away as gifts to his friends and family.

“I hope now I will be able to complete my matric.”

He is currently doing NQF level three, which is grade 10.

“Through my art I hope to become a financially independent member of the community and give back to the community.”

Mr Ncala wants to set an example for those who are going through problems related to his or any other problem.

He still faces problems of walking uphill but attends school because he is determined to get his education.

He always lacked self-confidence and felt inadequate without having his matric because his family is educated. Now the sky is the limit for Mr Ncala.

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