Offering assistance to those in need

Chaplain Vaughn Grantham, an Edenvale resident, offers crisis and trauma intervention to those in need.

Building a better community in Edenvale and improving the lives of individuals is one of the main goals of Chaplain Vaughn Grantham.

Chaplain Grantham, who has been an Edenvale resident since 2004, offers crisis and trauma intervention to people who have undergone traumatic events and are in need assistance.

Chaplain Grantham said he has been assisting families and individuals for the past 10 years, since 2006.

“I believe that I was groomed to do what I do today,” said Chaplain Grantham.

He said previously he worked for the SAPS for 11 years as well as for a private security company.

After a time of doing work for a security company, Chaplain Grantham said somebody mentioned the idea of doing crisis and trauma intervention, which he began doing once he had received his bachelor’s in theology.

Chaplain Grantham said over the years doing crisis and trauma intervention he has been to many scenes.

“I get to the scene and get as much information as possible in order to inform the family of what has happened. It is important that I get to scenes quickly so I can limit the amount of trauma to individuals,” said Chaplain Grantham.

“Over time I have developed the ability to deal with these situations,” said Chaplain Grantham.

Chaplain Grantham remembers on one occasion where he assisted a Hindu family through the mourning process which lasted 40 days.

He said he drove to the family in Johannesburg South every day.

“My aim is to win souls and provide assistance to the family. When assisting the family I either do it from a spiritual or a secular point,” said Chaplain Grantham.

“Although I am not a pastor at a specific church I believe the whole of Edenvale is my congregation,” said Chaplain Grantham.

In assisting the community Chaplain Grantham has worked closely with a number of community organisations. Some of those mentioned were the Redbin Brigade founded by Mamba, local hospitals, and the SPCA, where he blessed the animals.

Chaplain Grantham said it is very important for the community of Edenvale to work together.

He said he works closely with the SAPS and various ambulance services.

“I enjoy working with Colonel Robbie Roberts, the acting station commander at the Edenvale Police Station,” said Chaplain Grantham.

He said he has done crisis and trauma intervention work in connection to domestic violence, common violence, shootings and vehicle collisions.

Chaplain Grantham said while providing crisis and trauma intervention if he cannot assist somebody he refers them to somebody who can.

“In this line of work a strong support structure is very important, “said Chaplain Grantham.

He said speaking to a psychologist or to someone you trust to keep the information confidential, can help a person.

“A method that works for me is attending the incident, processing the information, dealing with it and moving on.

“A key part in offering crisis and trauma intervention is to remain calm and not let your emotions get the better of you,”said Chaplain Gantham.

“If there is anybody out there who is in need of assistance, my advice for them would be to seek help. There are so many organisations that assist with different issues,” said Chaplain Grantham.

“We were all born sinners, we all sin, I myself am a man first before I am a man of the cloth,” said Chaplain Grantham.

Stephan Lehman

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