No price too high to save a life

Staff members from Malagueta who assisted in the rescue of four individuals during the November 9 floods. Seen here are Mr Ido Mhlongo, Mr Ali Sadiki, Ms Gift Msimango, Mr David Dlamini, Mr Alex Ncube and Mr Prico Ndmunde.

On the evening of the recent heavy floods which occurred in Edenvale, six waiters from a local restaurant risked their lives to save others in danger.

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On that evening, the staff from Malagueta managed to assist four people – one of them being 14-year-old Taryn Mackenna who was washed away on the evening of November 9.
Last week the NEWS reported that two of Mr Baron Mackenna’s three daughters, Taryn and Nicole, were washed away by the force of the water while trying to get to safety.
According to Mr Paulo Da Silva, the owner of the restaurant, it had been a quiet day before the rain and the only telltale signs of a storm were the black clouds which were starting to build.
“I have never seen such devastating flooding in my life,” said Mr Da Silva.
He said while the flooding was occurring there were vehicles in Main Road and as the water level rose, the danger could be seen.

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As the water rose, it began to make its way over the vehicles’ bonnets.
Mr Da Silva said that is when Mr David Dlamini, the manager of the restaurant, decided to jump into action.
Mr Dlamini said despite many of the staff members being unable to swim, there was no hesitation to help those in need.
“I realised that something needed to be done so I organised the staff to form a human chain so that we could reach the people in need and still be safe,” said Mr Dlamini.
He said once the human chain had made its way to the car, the staff members opened the door and assisted the people who were in need.
The four staff members managed to assist four people; two elderly women, one of their drivers and Taryn.
According to Mr Dlamini when they saw her, Taryn was clinging to a tree so that she would not be washed away.
“We just switched to rescue mode and decided to assist those in need,” said Mr Dlamini.
Ms Gift Msimango said that during the rescue David took charge.
She said the reason for the group forming the human chain was because they could not find a rope at the time.
Mrs Antoinette da Silva said emergency services were called but a decision had to made at the moment.
Mr Da Silva said once the four people had been rescued the staff at the restaurant tried to make them as comfortable as possible, offering warm drinks, food and blankets.
He said family members were contacted and the people rescued were collected by family.
Mr Da Silva said Taryn’s older sister, Nicole (22), came to the restaurant to collect her younger sister and take her home.
He said he was uncertain as to how she got to the restaurant.
“Saving a person’s life is the most important thing which occurred that evening. You cannot put a price on human life,” said Mr Da Silva.

Watch: Father relives flood horror

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