Restoring Edenvale after the floods

Ms Carey Taylor at the First Avenue Bridge in Edenvale. This area was cleaned up by volunteers this weekend.

Following the Edenvale floods, community members have come out in full force to assist those in need and to restore Edenvale.
According to Mrs Linda McKenzie, of the Edenvale Community Police Forum, the evening of November 9 was a disaster for Edenvale.

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Despite this, Mrs McKenzie said community members came out to assist those in need.
“There are so many unsung heroes who assisted that evening,” she said.
She said under the leadership of the Edenvale SAPS, the ECPF was able to assist and order was established that evening.
“Without the leadership of the Edenvale SAPS and that of Colonel Robbie Roberts, the evening would’ve become chaotic,” said Mrs McKenzie.

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Clr Heather Hart, of ward 18, said seeing the community working together in cleaning up the aftermath of the floods showed the strength of the community.
Clr Hart said in order to get greater involvement from the community, an initiative was launched by three Edenvale residents.
The three residents who initiated the Edenvale volunteer clean up are Ms Carey Taylor, Ms Candice Maher and Ms Rita Johnson.

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Ms Taylor, founder of the Edenvale Hub Facebook page, said the initiative originally came from the community.
“On the Facebook page, after the floods, the community was asking what could be done in Edenvale to assist those in need,” said Ms Taylor.
Ms Taylor said she and the other two women decided to take the lead and help the community.
The first clean up which took place on November 12 focused on the Eastleigh area.
She said the main focus of the initiative is to clean up the rubbish and rubble left by the flood.
“At first we were disheartened as there were only four of us cleaning up. However, at the end of the day there were 50 volunteers assisting in the clean up,” said Ms Taylor.
According to Ms Taylor, on November 13 there were 50 volunteers assisting in the clean-up.
“Youngsters brought their parents down and decide that they too needed to help,” said Ms Taylor.

“We want to start a movement with the momentum and support we have already gathered from the community,” said Ms Taylor.

She said this initiative will be ongoing and will continue every weekend until Edenvale is restored.
She said without the assistance of the Edenvale Community Police Forum, the community, the donations made and the support of both councillors, Clr Heather Hart and Clr Bill Rundle, the challenge would have been greater.
Anyone willing to donate food or cool drink for the volunteers can do so at the Karaglen and the Glen Curve Spars.
Sergeant Jacob Mashile, head of the Edenvale SAPS Social Crime Prevention Unit, said if there are community members who are in need and who have been traumatised they are welcome to contact the SAPS.
He said the SAPS has four volunteer trauma counsellors available between 4pm and 11pm.
Contact Sgt Mashile on 082 7587300.
To find out more information about the clean up operations in Edenvale, send an SMS to Ms Taylor on 074 165 5989.

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