Business owners urged to increase their security – Sebenza SAPS

Sergeant Sharon Tsotsotso has warned businesses ahead of the Christmas rush to increase their security.

The Sebenza SAPS has issued a warning to local businesses to secure and protect their properties from robberies during the festive season.

The Sebenza SAPS communications officer, Sergeant Sharon Tsotsotso, said this is a period of increased activity for would-be robbers and burglars.

“Business owners must tighten their security and ensure their premises are secure because this is a time where we usually see an increase in business robberies,” said Sgt Tsotsotso.

She urged business owners to not ignore their security alarms when they send out a signal at night because there is usually something happening when that happens.

“Some business owners ignore the signal and think maybe it was a stray cat or dog passing by and they don’t follow up until it’s too late. If you get a warning signal, don’t dismiss it and make sure you follow up with your security company to get it checked out,” said Sgt Tsotsotso.

She also advised business owners to review their security plans at this time of the year and to make sure they have all the necessary security measures in place.

Buli Sonqishe

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