Getting the perfect Christmas shot

But this can also be stressful, from selecting what to wear to getting the children to co-operate, the process can be filled with anxiety and pressure.
Follow these tips to help reduce the stress.

Coordinate outfits but don’t match
You’ve seen it a million times, the entire family wearing the exact same outfit. It’s coordinated, but not necessarily sophisticated. First pick a colour scheme, and then add different shades, textures and patterns. Neutrals, which include denim, can and should be mixed in.

Avoid big logos or patterns
When coordinating outfits, avoid anything that will take attention away from the whole point of the photo, the people. The most important thing is to avoid large logos or letters, all colours are okay; just make sure you don’t mix too many busy patterns. If you have a striped shirt, wear solid-coloured pants.

Don’t wear too much make-up
While you may hear celebrities talk about getting “camera ready,” too much make-up for family portraits is never a good idea. Wear eyeliner with your day eyeshadow colour or a brighter lip colour. Make-up should add some focus, not steal the show.

Pick your setting carefully
If you’re planning on snapping the photo, choose the setting carefully. Every element is important. The less distracting, the better, simple but picturesque is a good rule of thumb.

Natural lighting is definitely best, not direct sunlight but shade or overcast skies. Just make sure light is on the subjects’ faces evenly. Direct sunlight will only cause your subjects to squint and have dark shadows under their eyes.

Forget about saying “cheese”
When prepping children for a family photo, talk about it as something fun, not a task. Mentioning that they’re about to have their pictures taken is okay, but telling children how they have to smile when asked is not going to help. Natural emotions are the key. Candid moments are the best to capture real personality, so keep shooting even when your children stop saying “cheese”.

Take a lot of pictures
Take 10 or more of the same pose. One will turn out perfect and nine will go in the recycling bin. These digital days you don’t have to worry about running out of film.
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