Silent fireworks an option for Bedfordview – Clr Humphreys

The festive season may have come and gone, but the effects of the celebrations will be felt by many for some time to come.

The ward 20 councillor, Clr Jill Humphreys, said fireworks during the holidays disoriented many residents and pets alike.

She said the loud bangs were a problem.

“I am in favour of silent fireworks. These can also help to reduce anxiety in animals. There was a lot of damage done by the fireworks over the holidays and it is heartbreaking to see,” said Clr Humphreys.

Shortly after the New Year’s eve crossover, photos of displaced animals were shared by residents on social media pages with the hope of bringing them back home.

“While we have absolute respect for people’s cultures and those who prefer to celebrate the holidays with fireworks, we would appreciate it if people could consider the option of silent fireworks. It is so much more considerate to one’s neighbours,” said Clr Humphreys.

Residents also expressed frustration at the impact fireworks have on animals.

“Despite all the pleas and requests, fireworks were still let off in Bedfordview. People, in my opinion, are heartless, cruel and selfish. So many animals go missing and some even die, but people just carry on without sparing a thought,” said one resident.

The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department (EMPD) urged residents and businesses to heed bylaws pertaining to the sale and use of fireworks during the festive season.

EMPD spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago, previously said business owners who wish to sell fireworks are required to apply for a licence at the SAPS’s Explosives Unit. The application must also be sent to the Metro’s EMS and EMPD. Residents who wish to use fireworks must also apply at the relevant EMPD Precinct Station for permission.

“This is to ensure that fireworks are used in a safe manner and will not constitute a fire hazard. Businesses selling fireworks without a certificate of registration will receive a spot fine of R2 500, with an additional fine for any other fire safety violations found. People using fireworks without approval can also receive a spot fine of between R1 000 and R2 500.

Duenna Mambana

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