Edenvale man raises allegations of police harassment

Mr John Phillip, who was allegedly harassed by SAPS officers in the Edenvale area. He plans on opening a case with IPID.

A community member who feels he and his three friends were harassed by two police officer in the Edenvale area is looking to open a police harassment case with the Independent Police Investigator Directorate (IPID). harassment

It has not been confirmed from which police station the officers hail from.

*John Phillip told the NEWS that he and his friends were pulled over on January 14 and were allegedly harassed by two police officers in the Edenvale area.

“I’ve been pulled over previously and each time there was no problem. After I published a post about the incident on social media, I received quite a response from the community in and around Edenvale,” said John.

John said the the incident began when he and his friends were asked to step out of the vehicle by two officers.

“I exited the car and walked to the sidewalk. One of the officers asked what I was doing so I told him I was going to the sidewalk as the road was dangerous,” said John.

John said the officer called him back to the road where the he had been instructed to stand.

While standing in the road, John and the driver were asked if they were drunk. John said he told the officer that they were not drunk.

During the incident John was busy on his cellphone and the officer asked John what he was doing.

“I told the officer I was on Facebook but he did not believe me and told me I was lying. He grabbed my phone from me and started going through my personal stuff ,” said John.

According to John, the officer was looking for a video of the incident which he thought John had recorded.

John said it was at this time the officer told him he was under arrest for being drunk in public and for defeating the ends of justice.

“I just ignored him and said nothing,” said John.

According to John, the behaviour of the two officers was unethical.

He said no breathalyzer was done on him to determine if he was drunk.

John said while standing in the road he was told numerous times he would be put in the back of the police vehicle.

He said the police officers failed to do a proper search and only searched two out of the four occupants and did not search the car properly.

“I tried to stay as calm as possible but I was scared,” said John.

He said his attempts to get help from a passing vehicle were unsuccessful as the officer had threatened the occupants of the second car with arrest .

After a while one of the officers told John and his friends the officers wanted to buy Red Bull.

John said he did not have money on him at the time but another occupant handed over R100 to one of the officers.

“After receiving the money the officers gave me back my phone and threatened me with arrest again,” said John

John said he did not know from which station the officers were from.

According to John, he has been in contact with the Edenvale Community Police Forum who is assisting him in opening a case with IPID.

“The ECPF has been in contact with IPID and plan to meet with John to compile a report,” said Mrs McKenzie chairperson of the ECPF.

“We were made aware of this incident via social media, however we cannot confirm if an Edenvale police vehicle was involved,” said Captain Jean Olckers, spokesperson of the Edenvale SAPS.

Capt Olckers urged the complainant to come forward to the SAPS.

“We take service delivery very seriously at the Edenvale Police Station and urge community members to report negative actions by the police,” said Capt Olckers.

Capt Olckers said when there are wrongdoings the matter will be thoroughly investigated.

He urged community members to report matters like these to the nearest police station or IPID as soon as possible.

*John wishes to remain anonymous as he is worried he will be harassed further.


Stephan Lehman

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