Business owners urged to comply with bylaws

The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality urges all businesses to adhere to the public health bylaws which have been established.

Mr Themba Gadebe, the spokesperson for the EMM, said some of the businesses that require environmental health permits include hairdressers, beauty salons, child care services, accommodation establishments such as guesthouses, bed and breakfasts as well as offensive trades such as panel beaters, scrap yards and spray painters.

He said permits are also required for kennels, catteries and the keeping of poultry.

Mr Gadebe said businesses that deal with food need a Certificate of Acceptability (COA).

“The COA should be clearly displayed for the public to see,” said Mr Gadebe.

Mr Gadebe said currently there are no costs involved with the issuing of such certificates.

” Food premises should contact their local Environmental Health Practitioner to arrange for an inspection in order to issue a COA,” said Mr Gadebe.

For more information about permit requirements, community members can access the public health bylaws which are available on

Alternatively, individuals can phone 011 999-3982/3970 for more information.

“Services and businesses are urged to contact the Environmental Health offices as soon as possible so that permits and certificates may be issued. Any person operating a service or business without said permit may be liable for a fine of up to R2 000,” said Mr Gadebe.

He said before a permit is granted, an inspection will be carried out by an environmental health practitioner who will set the requirements for the permit to be complied with.

Mr Gadebe said once the requirements have been met the permit will be issued.

Services which require permits as well as the cost for the permits are:

  •  The exporting food items, R1 021.
  •  The Providing the service of removing human excrement, R617.
  •  The installation of sewage works, R617.
  •  To operate as an offensive trade, R617.
  •  The operation of a hairdressing, beauty and/or cosmetology service, R617.
  •  To run an accommodation establishment, R1 121.
  •  To operate a child care service, R617.
  •  To keep poultry, R617.
  •  To keep rabbits, R617.
  •  To operate a dog kennel or cattery, R617.
  •  To keep bees, R659.

Mr Gadebe said the tariffs are applicable from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. and that the Council determines the tariffs annually.

“It is compulsory that premises operating all the above mentioned operations apply for permits and COA to operate in the City of Ekurhuleni,” said Mr Gadebe.

Stephan Lehman

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