Drive through frustrates resident

EDITOR – What is the purpose of the Drive Through facility regarding your car licence?

In the past I received a notice, indicating the amount due.

I took the notice, together with the exact amount, and drove from my home in Elizabeth Road, Befordview. I handed it over and received my receipt and new license disc.

It never took me more than 15 minutes.

This year it was a totally different story, because you don’t receive a notice anymore, therefore I took last year’s receipt (containing all the information needed), enough money and drove through.

No luck. I received a green form, to be completed on both sides. When I arrived there again, I was told they needed a copy of my ID and proof of residence. I had to go home once again to make the copies and only then, “driving through” for the third time, was I successful.


EDITOR’S COMMENT – In response to the letter, City of Ekurhuleni spokesperson, Mr Themba Gadebe commented as follows:

The City of Ekurhuleni (CoE) takes note of the concerns of our client.

We will work hard to make sure our drive through is more efficient and effective next time.

It is regrettable that she had to come back three times to get what she wanted.

Especially because the information about the needed documents could have been given to her on her first visit.

The purpose of the drive thru is to render licensing services as efficiently as possible, however the department does not issue renewal notices.

It is the responsibility of another service provider.

This is making it impossible for us to operate at the rate that we normally would.

Also if we relied on notices it would mean the end of the drive thru, hence the introduction of green forms in that facility.

As for the request for a proof of address, unfortunately CoE cannot do away with it.

This procedure of implementation of Regulation 32A, which is meant to clean the system of incorrect information and fraudulent addresses. Its success relies on our compliance.

Duenna Mambana

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