Bunny Hop thanks youngsters

Some of the bunnies in the care of the Bunny Hop Haven.

EDITOR – Last year, I was contacted by a lovely young person by the name of Angelique Fossa.

Together with a group of her friends from various schools in the Edenvale and Bedfordview areas, namely Hurleyvale Primary, Dunvegan Primary, Edenvale High and St Benedict’s College, Angelique asked whether they could host a fundraiser for the Bunny Hop Haven at The Karaglen Spur in Edenglen.

Angelique had read an article about The Bunny Hop in one of the editions of the Bedfordview and Edenvale NEWS .

The fundraiser took place and was a successful evening.

The arrangement by the Spur was as follows: 10 per cent of all takings between 6pm and 9pm that evening would be donated to The Bunny Hop Haven.

Angelique, Christopher, Dylan, Kyle, Dario, Julia, Gaby Cherie and Maddie also shadowed the waiters during this time.

Many people came to the restaurant for dinner.

We had advertised the event on our Facebook page, as well as through word of mouth.

I had also brought along some Bunny Hop Haven branded items, such as T-shirts, caps and water bottles.

One of the young girls sold all the items.

The total raised by the restaurant was R2 274.60 and from our branded items we raised R1 630.

We really felt so grateful and inspired by the enthusiasm and delight of the children.

To give of oneself to organisations in need is a great character trait to have and to build in young leaders.

Angelique’s mom [Ms] Juliette, said she encourages her daughter and her friends to learn about working and earning money – hence the shadowing – and then also to do things selflessly for others.



Duenna Mambana

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