Panthers pounce on a bright future

The panthers wall of fame located in their changeroom shows the numerous achievements accomplished over the years.

Taking the Edenvale Panthers to new heights is the top priority of new chairperson Mr Phillip Venter.

After being a club member for 17 years, Mr Venter was recently appointed as the chairperson of the club after the much-loved Mr Victor de Klerk died on November 2.

“Vic was my best friend and I loved him to bits. He did so much for the club. In the years to come I want to continue helping the club and getting the club back on the map,” said Mr Venter.

Mr Venter hopes to see the club improving and growing.

To achieve this, some improvements will have to be done to the club.

He said in the last two years the club has done well in its Valke tournaments, winning in both 2015 and 2016.

“I feel positive about the club’s future following the successful seasons we had in the past,” said Mr Venter.

One of the main improvements which has already been implemented at the club is the establishment of management at the club.

First team captain Mr Liam Mott believes that by establishing structured management at the the club it will become more successful.

Some of the objectives which Mr Venter hopes to achieve as the chairperson of the club include:

  •  Growing the club and having a second team.
  •  Getting more sponsorships.
  •  Creating a Panthers website.
  •  Building a brand out of the club.
  •  Being more active on social media.
  •  Becoming more professional.
  •  Improved interaction with the Edenvale community.

“I want the club to be a bigger part of the community and to do community service at the SPCA and at the old age homes on the weekends we are not playing,” said Mr Venter.

Mr Mott said community support works both ways.

“You cannot expect the community to support you if you are not helping them,” said Mr Mott.

Mr Venter hopes that 2017 will be an exciting year for the club as they have been invited to participate in the Assupol and Kestrel leagues, where they will face new competition and gain greater experience.

When the Panthers play their home game during the Assupol tournament, on February 25, the club is planning on hosting a market day to generate funds for the club and to bring the community together.

Added to the aforementioned goals, Mr Venter also hopes to attract sponsors for the club.

With the aid of sponsors, Mr Venter said the club will be able to purchase better training equipment and attract new players.

Mr Venter said despite the proposed plans, the club will never change totally, it will only be improved.

“As the new chairperson I hope to improve the club and create a stronger brotherhood between its members,” said Mr Venter.

If individuals are interested in having a stall on February 25 they should contact Mr Gideon de Bruyn on 084 264 8926.

Stephan Lehman

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