Brickfield and Herman are death traps

Clr Plaskitt measuring the depth of one of the potholes, on Herman Road, with her umbrella.

Clr Tiziana Plaskitt (ward 92) has raised concerns over the safety of community members in Meadowdale.

She is concerned about the poor condition of infrastructure surrounding Herman and Brickfield roads and believes these roads could endanger the lives of motorists.

She shared her concerns with the NEWS, including the flooding of Brickfield Road and the potholes on Herman Road.

Clr Plaskitt said the stormwater system, which is meant to cater for Brickfield Road, is often blocked with debris and sand.

She said because the infrastructure is blocked, when it rains the road becomes flooded and inaccessible to smaller vehicles.

On Herman Road, around the corner from Brickfield Road, numerous potholes line the surface of the road.

Clr Plaskitt said these potholes pose a danger to motorists.

She believes the potholes form because of the inadequate stormwater infrastructure underneath the road.

“These two roads are death traps for anyone who is unaware of the hazards they pose,” said Clr Plaskitt.

The hazards on the two roads are not a new concern for the community.

Clr Plaskitt said community members and herself have raised concerns over the two roads on numerous occasions with the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, but have received very little response.

“When development occurs in an area, the flow of water is changed through the use of stormwater infrastructure. The infrastructure is used to disperse the water away from people and buildings, underground,” said Clr Plaskitt.

“When a stormwater system is blocked this cannot happen.”

Clr Plaskitt said if the infrastructure is blocked the water will take the path of least resistance.

She added that this path includes roads and walkways.

“An underground river could even form if enough stormwater flows out of a broken pipe,” said Clr Plaskitt.

If this were to occur, Clr Plaskitt believes a sinkhole could form, posing an even greater danger to motorists.

Clr Plaskitt said stormwater infrastructure needs to be maintained and upgraded as an area develops.

“The hazards and problems are not being attended to and response from the roads and stormwater department is few and far between,” said Clr Plaskitt.

She said if nothing is done about the mentioned hazards the situation for community members and businesses could become worse.

A request for comment was sent to the office of the MMC of Infrastructure Services as well as Ekurhuleni’s Communication Department. Comment was requested by February 24, at 9am. At the time of going to print no comment had been received.

Stephan Lehman

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