SAPS provides tips for employers and domestic workers

Sgt Jacob Mashile, acting spokesperson of Edenvale SAPS, spoke to the NEWS about the ways SAPS is providing safety tips to community workers and domestic workers.

Following the annual Housekeepers Workshop on February 14, the Edenvale SAPS urged domestic workers to remain vigilant and report suspicious activity.

Acting spokesperson of the Edenvale SAPS, Sergeant Jacob Mashile, said that at the Marais Steyn Park workshop the SAPS provided safety tips to the domestic workers.

The safety tips included ways domestic workers could stay safe while at work and also while on the way to and from work.

Sgt Mashile said the event was successful and the information was well received.

“It is important to inform domestic workers to be alert at all times – they are often the first point of contact for criminals when residential crimes like burglaries or robberies happen,” said Sgt Mashile.

He said the domestic workers act as the eyes and ears of the community when residents are not at home.

Sgt Mashile urged domestic workers to report any suspicious activities in the neighbourhood to 10111 or the sector numbers.

“By reporting suspicious activities possible crimes can be stopped before they happen,” he said.

The sergeant said, although the workshop currently happens once a year, he would like to see it taking place twice a year, with a workshop in each sector.

Sgt Mashile reminded employers to do background checks on domestic workers and other part-time employees before employing them. By doing this, he said, community members will find out if the person they intended to hire has the correct paperwork or if they have a criminal record.

“In accordance with the Immigration Act of 2002, if you are found employing an undocumented foreign national you can be held liable for a fine or imprisonment,” said Sgt Mashile.

Sgt Mashile said by doing background checks before employing domestic workers residents can reduce the chances of becoming victims of crime themselves.

The sector numbers for the four sectors of Edenvale are:

  •  071 675 6841 for sector one.
  •  071 675 6842 for sector two.
  •  071 675 6843 for sector three.
  •  071 675 6844 for sector four.
Stephan Lehman

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