Rand Aid offers balanced living

Rand Aid Association’s Whitney Gardens now offers independent living to men over the age of 50.

Whitney Gardens offers this opportunity to men who are able to live independently but function better in a semi-structured environment.

The centre recognises that people who have battled addiction issues in the past, or who have overcome other challenges, may need a more nurturing environment in which to live in.

The accommodation is aimed at people who function in society and hold down a job or volunteer position, but who find it difficult to cope in a totally independent environment.

Although medical assistance exists in the case of an emergency, care facilities are not offered to these residents.

The accommodation wing is situated on the same grounds as Rand Aid’s substance abuse treatment centre, some distance away and has a separate entrance.

Access control is in place to prevent alcohol or drugs from being brought onto the premises.

For more information, contact Wedge Gardens on 011 430-0320 or follow them on social media.

Stephan Lehman

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