Illegal dumping is everyone’s problem

Clr Plaskitt standing at the rubble dumped next to Herman Road, near the substation.

To prevent illegal dumping, the ward 92 councillor Clr Tiziana Plaskitt believes community members must work together with the municipality.

She said residents need to report any incidents of illegal dumping to the municipality and to the EMPD.

“Illegal dumping is a big problem, but without any evidence of it happening nothing can be done.

“I believe it is mostly happening during off-peak hours or late at night when nobody can see it happening. The biggest problem is that illegal dumping has a snowball effect.

“If one person leaves their garden refuse or rubbish in a public space other people begin to add to the pile until a large amount of rubbish has been dumped in one location,” said Clr Plaskitt.

One location where this snowball effect can be seen is at Herman Road, near the substation at the Barbara Road off ramp, where a variety of rubbish has been dumped illegally. Grass has even begun to grow over the dumping.

Clr Plaskitt said illegal dumping has been a challenge for a number of years and she believes residents need to be educated about what they can dump at a municipal dump and where the dumps are.

“For example, household refuse and plant trimmings can be dumped but not building rubble. The EMPD can’t sit around all day guarding open spaces. The community must get involved.”

A request for comment was sent to the EMM but no comment was received at the time of going to print.

Stephan Lehman

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