Aitken Road a concern for residents

Unhappy community members Mr Malcolm Buchanan, Mrs Dawn Buchanan and Mr Douglas Smith have raised concerns over the lack of attention given by the municipality to the worsening condition of Aitken Road.

The deteriorating condition of Edenvale’s roads has residents and motorists up in arms.

Throughout Edenvale a patchwork of tar holds the town together and provides access for motorists.

One example of the many deteriorating roads in Edenvale is Aitken Road, which residents from Leisure View Retirement Village say is riddled with potholes and poses a danger to motorists.

Mr Douglas Smith, manager of the retirement village, said motorists can be seen almost every day changing damaged tyres.

Mr Malcolm Buchanan, resident of the retirement village, said at night time or when it rains it is particularly bad, as motorists cannot see the potholes.

Mr Buchanan and his wife Dawn said since First Avenue Bridge was closed off, the traffic on Aitken Road has increased significantly.

In order to avoid the traffic on Aitken Road the pensioners must travel through the Dickie Fritz boomed-off area, adding additional kilometres and costs to their journey.

“Development and the number of houses has increased in the area but the infrastructure has not,” said Mr Buchanan.

“What if there is an emergency in the area? Emergency services will struggle to use the road,” said Mr Smith.

Mr Buchanan said when an ambulance is needed, directions must be given to the ambulance so it can avoid the closed bridge and damaged road.

Another concern for the pensioners is the water leaking from the veld on the corner of Van Riebeeck Avenue and Aitken Road, which Mrs Buchanan said has been the case for a number of months and is contributing to the bad conditions of the road.

Mr Smith said the poor condition of Aitken Road has devalued the entire area.

He believes the only solution would be to re-tar the entire road.

But the residents told the NEWS that, before this can be done, the First Avenue Bridge needs to be repaired to allow for an alternative route for traffic.

A request for comment was sent to the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality’s Department of Communication and to the office of the MMC for Roads and Stormwater.

The NEWS asked the municipality whether or not repair work had begun on the roads of Edenvale, what would be done to remedy the condition of Aitken Road and when the First Avenue Bridge would be repaired.

At the time of going to print no comment had been received.

Stephan Lehman

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