‘Report your leaking meters’ – Clr Humphreys

Clr Jill Humphreys said residents should report leaking meters and record the readings.

The Bedfordview ward 20 councillor, Clr Jill Humphreys has warned residents to act quickly when water meters leak.

Clr Humphreys said people are incorrectly disconnected by contractors appointed by the City of Ekurhuleni (CoE).

“Most times people are disconnected when they are not at fault. Some families have had their power cut off while away and could not get back into the property because their gates wouldn’t open. Some have small children. One can only imagine the frustration,” said Clr Humphreys.

She said it is important for members of the community to report leaking water meters.

“That is the first step. However, it does not end there. Take a photo of the reading on the meter on the day you report it. Also record the readings as often as you can. This you do so that when your bill comes back with a big balance, you can prove that you did not use up all the water and that there was a leak, which you reported as soon as possible,” she said.

Clr Humphreys said there was not enough manpower to attend to leaking water meters.

“At times they can take up to months before they fix a leak. During that time, the meter does not stop reading, which is why it is important to record the reading from the day the leak starts so you can prove that from that day, the bill was accumulated by the leak,” said Clr Humphreys.

She said residents should also make sure their accounts are not in arrears.

“I have had a homeowner who was cut off for being in arrears by less than a R100. It works in your favour to make sure your account is up to date to avoid having to go through the admin of re-connections,” said Clr Humphreys.

She said residents get frustrated when drinking water is left to run in the streets for months without leaks being fixed.

“We preach to people to use water sparingly and wisely. It does not help the message if the powers that be fail to practice what they preach. It is also unfair to bill residents for water ‘used up’ by leaks,” said Clr Humphreys.

On March 10, the NEWS requested CoE to comment on how long in advance disconnection notices are served on residents.

was also asked what the turnaround time is for a leaking water meter to be fixed.

At the time of going to press, March 13, no comment had been received.

Duenna Mambana

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