‘Don’t be a victim of holiday crime’ – MAD Penny

Come March 29, MAD domestic workers and gardeners will gather at the Methodist Church in Bedfordview to talk about crime.

This will be the third installment of the Making a Difference Domestic Watch meeting for 2017.

Founder Ms Penny Steyn will address the meeting.

She said this month’s topic will be “Holiday Season Crime Prevention”.

“This lesson gives all attending a comprehensive written lesson document with important instructions on crime prevention during the holiday season. It applies to employees who stay at home, as well as those who travel to and from work and homeowners. I urge everyone to take this lesson seriously,” said Ms Steyn, known affectionately as MAD Penny.

She said the holiday season is often a time when the criminals go on a crime “feeding frenzy”.

“They can so easily spot who is at home and who is not. If we don’t know their crime tactics and take precautions by being informed, our properties are vulnerable and we and our staff can easily become victims,” said Ms Steyn.

She said there are trends that the criminals use ahead of and during the holiday season to con employers, domestic helpers and gardeners.

“We have to know what ploys they use – old trusted crime ploys in my experience rear their ugly heads particularly over holiday seasons,” said Ms Steyn.

She said employers should release their staff members to attend the meeting as it will be beneficial to them as well.

Ms Steyn thanked the NEWS for its contribution to making the initiative work.

“The article you ran last month has had a very, very far-reaching reaction – I had calls begging me to open new suburb lessons. I received emails from as far as KwaZulu-Natal, Natal Midlands, Midrand and Jeppe. How on earth do I say thank you to you? I am deeply indebted. Bless you,” said Ms Steyn.

The meetings take place at 2pm and are scheduled for every last Wednesday of the month.

Duenna Mambana

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