Two metro police assault incidents in 4 days reported in Edenvale

Top story: Two metro police assault incidents in 4 days reported in Edenvale. It was alleged that a motorist was assaulted by an EMPD officer on Terrace Road in Edenvale on March 12.

Two incidents of alleged assault by metro police officers in four days have been reported in Edenvale.

UPDATE: UK tourist left battered after assault by metro police in Edenvale

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Three cases of common assault are under investigation following these allegations.

The first incident occurred on March 12. It is alleged that a motorist was assaulted by an EMPD officer after the officer claimed that the motorist had failed to stop at a stop street along Terrace Road.

Sgt Sharon Tsotsotso, spokesperson of the Sebenza SAPS, said two cases of common assault were opened following the incident.

She said both the motorist and the EMPD officer opened cases against each other.

Lieutenant Colonel Wilfred Kgasago, the EMPD’s spokesperson, said although the EMPD is unaware of the March 12 incident, the matter will be investigated.

The man had several bruises to his face and body after the March 12 incident.

He urged the motorist to come forward and to contact the EMPD.

March 15 incident

A video posted on Facebook shows the most recent incident where a motorist is assaulted by a man who appears to be an EMPD officer.

Sergeant Jacob Mashile, acting spokesperson of the Edenvale SAPS, told the NEWS that the motorist opened a case of common assault at the Edenvale Police Station against the officer.

Lt Col Kgasago said the EMPD is aware of the March 15 incident and is currently investigating the matter. He said the investigation began on March 15.

Lt Col Kgasago said once the officer has been successfully identified and his statement taken, the investigation will continue.

“The compiled information and the recommendations from the investigation will be given to the EMPD’s chief of staff who will make a decision based on all the information,” said Lt Col Kgasago.

Sgt Mashile said it is vital for the outcome of the case that the identity of the suspect remains unknown to ensure the investigations are not jeopardised.

Same police officer implicated in three alleged assault cases

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