Edenvale’s Clr Rundle now fed-up with roads

Councillor Bill Rundle (Ward 19) sat down with the NEWS to discuss the state of Edenvale's roads.

Despite the efforts of local ward councillors, the condition of Edenvale’s roads remains a concern for many motorists.

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Councillor Bill Rundle (ward 19 ) said despite engaging with the municipality and showing the relevant authorities the condition of Edenvale’s roads, little feedback has been received.

A pothole on Aitken Road which has since been repaired.

Clr Rundle said since the meeting with local, provincial and national officials at the beginning of February, little feedback has been received on both the condition of Edenvale’s roads and the repair work of the flood damage.

“Edenvale’s roads are a nightmare,” said Clr Rundle.

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He added that potholes have become a major problem for both community members and motorists.

“The roads are riddled with potholes, not only my ward but many of the surrounding wards as well. It feels as if the municipality does not care,” said Clr Rundle.

He said the roads are currently in a catastrophic and unsafe condition, and he urged the municipality to do something about the roads.

According to Clr Rundle, the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality has only one contractor to attend to the potholes in Bedfordview, Edenvale, Germiston and Kempton Park.

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Clr Rundle said he is grateful for community members taking the initiative to fill potholes themselves.

He said it is important for residents to ensure that they are doing everything legally and through the correct processes.

Councillor Tiziana Plaskitt (ward 92) showing the depth of what she believes is a sinkhole on Brickfield Road in an on-site visit with the NEWS.

Clr Rundle said when residents fill a pothole they must ensure that the correct materials and technical skills are used.

“If concrete is used to fill a pothole it can create another problem. The stones in the concrete mixture might be thrown up into the air by passing vehicles, which could cause damage to other motorists and cause further accidents,” said Clr Rundle.

Clr Rundle encouraged the community members of Edenvale to report potholes to him.

An open manhole on Brickfield road.

He said it is important that the exact address of the pothole is included in the report.

Once the potholes have been reported to him, Clr Rundle said he passes the reports on to the relevant authorities.

A request for comment was sent to the EMM’s communications department and the Office of the MMC of Roads and Stormwater Infrastructure.

The NEWS requested comment on whether or not the EMM had started repairing the roads in Edenvale, how many contractors were allocated to fill the potholes and if citizens could fill potholes on municipal roads.

Comment was requested by March 17 at 3pm.

No comment has been received.

Stephan Lehman

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