Pensioners put their green thumbs to the test

Tarentaal resident Mr Arthur Hartzenberg with half of the biggest pumpkin, which weighed in at 26kg.

In 2016 Tarentaal resident Arthur Hartzenberg had a “seed” of an idea that soon germinated into something solid, round and orange.

The resident of the Rand Aid-run retirement village decided a pumpkin-growing contest would be a lot of fun.

After planting their seeds, the residents of Tarentaal encouraged their plants to grow by giving the plants attention and love.

A good harvest of pumpkins was finally ready for picking in February.

After judging the pumpkins this year, all the residents agreed that Mr Hartzenberg himself was the pumpkin prince.

Pumpkin was shared between the residents at the village’s morning market on March 3.

As winner of the pumpkin growing competition Mr Hartzenberg received a pumpkin pie which was shared between Mr Hartzenberg and the Tarentaal staff members.

Tarentaal resident turns 100

Stephan Lehman

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