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Community members of Edenvale have been urged by local authorities to report incidents of police misconduct.

This call to action comes after two cases of assault were opened against EMPD officers in Edenvale, in one week.

The NEWS reported on the two incidents in the March 22 edition.

The article informed readers of an elderly man’s ordeal after he was assaulted by an EMPD officer, as well as the second incident where an EMPD officer hit a cellphone out of a motorist’s hand when the man questioned the officer.

Ms Linda McKenzie, chairperson of the Edenvale Community Police Forum (ECPF), said besides the two cases the NEWS reported on, she is aware of an additional six cases, varying from assault and corruption to intimidation, which have been opened against EMPD officers in Edenvale.

Ms McKenzie, who has been in communication with the Standards and Integrity division of the EMPD, said the EMPD is not taking the allegations lightly.

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“The behaviour of police and metro police officers in Edenvale has been a concern for a number of years,” said Ms McKenzie.

She said the ECPF created an email address, [email protected], for community members to report police corruption and intimidation.

“The email address has been operational for four years and has been quite successful,” said Mckenzie.

When reporting an incident of possible police misconduct, Ms McKenzie said, it is vital to include the time, date, address and descriptive information about the officers.

Ms McKenzie urged community members to rather open a case against the officer at the SAPS or the EMPD before posting the information on social media.

She said it is important for all information to be shared, no matter how insignificant it may seem, as it could affect the outcome of the case.

Ms McKenzie thanked community members for taking a stand and reporting alleged police misconduct.

Captain Jean Olckers, spokesperson for the Edenvale SAPS, said the SAPS does not condone any misconduct by any officer of the law.

He encouraged community members to speak out against any police harassment, corruption or assaults.

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“If community members feel they have been a victim of police intimidation and harassment by any officer they are welcome to come forward and report the matter,” said Capt Olckers.

Capt Olckers said a case can be opened against an officer through the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) or through the station commander, Colonel Malesela Mapulane.

Disciplinary action against an officer varies from case to case.

“It could either be suspension or dismissal,” said Capt Olckers.

Capt Olckers advised community members who find themselves intimidated by officers to remain as calm as possible, to cooperate and gather any useful information which can assist them in opening a case.

He said this includes:

  •  Whether the officer was from the EMPD or the SAPS.
  •  Registration numbers of police vehicles if any were present.
  •  The make of police vehicles involved.
  •  Defining feature of the officer, such as names or scars.

When the NEWS last spoke to Lieutenant Colonel Wilfred Kgasago, EMPD spokesperson, on March 16, he said all cases opened against the EMPD are investigated by the department’s Standards and Integrity division.

He said the Standards and Integrity division provides recommendations on how the matter should be addressed once investigations are completed.

If motorist find themselves in a situation where they feel they are being intimidated by an EMPD officer, Lt Col Kgasago encouraged them to contact him on 083 652 9914 or [email protected]

IPID – How to report a case against officers

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