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Ms Loné Muller, the new principal and grade R teacher at Pinocchio Educare Centre.

Stephan Lehman

The Pinocchio Educare Centre has a new principal dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the young.

Loné Muller began working at the centre on January 3.

“We are exceptionally happy to have Loné with us. Since she has been here there have already been great changes,” said Jenny Kennedy, office administrator at Edenvale Child and Family Welfare Society.

Muller, who has 14 years teaching experience, said before starting at Pinocchio Educare Centre, she taught at Monte Waldi preschool.

“I taught there for six years. While I was there I learnt so much and was encouraged to learn even more,” said Muller.

Muller’s passion for teaching began when she was a grade 10 learner at a Bloemfontein High School.

“There was a girl in a grade 10 who was a real loner and her marks were bad, but despite that a teacher took that girl under her wing and really helped her. When I saw this I realised that I wanted to be that teacher helping children,” said Muller.

After finding her passion for teaching, Muller said she put all of her energy into the dream of helping others.

She said as the new principal of the Pinocchio Educare Centre and the Grade R teacher, she hopes she can provide underprivileged students with the same opportunities as children who are not disadvantaged.

“I want the children to be as prepared as other children when they go to primary school. I want them to grow into strong, confident leaders. By teaching them from a young age I can hopefully give them a strong foundation” said Muller.

Despite Muller’ s passions and hopes for the young learners, she said she has experienced challenges in the past and expects some for the future.

The main challenge which Muller highlighted was that parents and teachers often don’t work together for the betterment of the learner.

“Parents are often in denial about their children and sometimes just don’t get involved. By working together and communicating, parents and teachers can work as a team to improve the children’s grades,” said Muller.

She emphasised that parents and teachers need to be a team when dealing with learners.

Muller said she has an open door policy as the principal and encouraged parents to come and speak to her.

Although some challenges may be faced in the future, Muller added that teaching is very rewarding.

“There is just something about seeing a learner who you taught in grade R matriculating from school, or when a learner you haven’t seen in years comes up to greet you,” said Muller.

“Everyone here at Pinocchio Educare Centre has been extremely and supportive, I want to just thank them,” said Muller.

Stephan Lehman

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