5 DIY play projects for parents and kids

With the cooler weather setting in, here are some ideas for creating play areas for your kids at home. (INSERT LINK TO YOUR HOMES PLATFORM HERE)

Make your own sandpit

Kids love playing in sand. With your own sandpit for the kids at home you don’t need to take them to the beach to build sand castles or to play with their spades and buckets.

Safe, quick and easy tyre swing

An old fashioned tree swing is a good way of recycling tyres. Using rope covered with a bicycle tube instead of a chain is safer for small children.

Make your own chalk wall using chalkboard paint

With your own chalk wall you don’t have to worry about the kids writing or drawing on your walls. Their creativity is constantly stimulated as they can wipe the board clean and start on a new masterpiece.

Easy to make play set

Here’s an easy, affordable way to make a play set with a ladder and platform with a roof to climb to as well as a slide and safe swing. This will keep the kids busy for ages.

Make your own tyre see-saw

Another use for an old tyre is making a fun see-saw with it using a plank and a bit of glue and spray paint.

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