Robbers follow intended targets from banks – warns Sebenza SAPS

Sebenza SAPS warned residents of a series of robberies that were reported at the station over the last few months.

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Sebenza SAPS spokesperson Sergeant Sharon Tsotsotso said there were a number of robberies reported recently.

She said some of the victims were followed after withdrawing money from the bank.

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“There has been an increase in bank-followings and we urge community members to always be vigilant. People must be aware of their surroundings and be on the lookout in case there is any car that is following them home,” said Tsotsotso.

She advised people to pass their houses and rather drive to the nearest police station if they suspect they are being followed.

She also urged community members to park in a safe area.

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“Rather than parking in an empty rooftop parking, go and park where there are other cars and car guards. Criminals take advantage of secluded areas. People must also make sure that their belongings are safely put away in the boot instead of leaving them in the car. Make sure the car is locked by checking manually after locking it,” she said.

She also warned of an increase in car hijackings, once again reiterating the importance of being aware of the cars following you.

“When you are approaching your home and you see people on foot, pass by the driveway and wait until it is safe for you to drive in. Phone the security patrollers if you feel unsafe. If people approach you and want to take your car, don’t try to fight them, because they could be armed,” said Tsotsotso

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