Youngsters talk about mid-year exams

Sarah McMenamin in Grade 10 said, "Yes, I think I am ready for the exams. I’ve been making study notes."

The NEWS asked learners from Holy Rosary if they are ready for the upcoming exams, how they are preparing and what tips they have to share.

Taylor Sheffield in Grade 11 said, “I’ve heard confidence is key so I’m going to go with a solid ‘yes’. I’m studying. My tip is try your best and don’t let time worry you, and take water.”

Charlotte Morgan in Grade Eight said, “Yes, I am ready. Every afternoon I study, and then I ask my mom to test me. My tip is to study hard.”

Bontleng Dibakwane in Grade 11 said, “Always speak to your teachers for extra lessons if needed.”

Bernadean Farinha in Grade 12 said, “I’ve started studying. I study well in advance and study every day. My tip is to study well in advance so you don’t leave everything to the last minute.”

Bahati Ndabeni in Grade 10 said, “Yes, I am ready. I study every day and I make sure I have flashcards on me, and I make songs to remember the biology terms. My tip is: Don’t stress; keep your cool; if you need to, talk to somebody and do past papers – that really helps.”

Sarah McMenamin in Grade 10 said, “Yes, I think I am ready for the exams. I’ve been making study notes.”

Jamie Ulbricht in Grade Eight said, “I study basically every afternoon, and then when we get free time in class. My tip is to take down your own notes so you can understand it more – then you’ll pick it up quicker.”

Kelly Marcel in Grade 11 said, “I don’t think you can ever mentally prepare yourself for an exam. I’m using notes and previous exam papers. My tip – always bring dry Tippex.”

Jessica Gurr in Grade 11 said, “Yes, I am ready because I’ve been studying. I’ve made notes already, so now I just need to summarise. My tip is definitely to work in advance; don’t do it last minute, ‘cos then you’ll be stressed. Work in advance.”


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