How to reach the police in your sector

To report crime or suspicious activity, phone 0860 010 111 or 10111.

Edenvale has four policing sectors. Each sector is assigned a patrol car to police the area.

  •  The following areas fall under section one: The Avenues between Horwood Street and Hendrick Potgieter Street, Elma Park, Dunvegan, Dowerglen and Marais Steyn Park, the Edenvale Hospital and Sizwe Hospital.
  •  The following areas fall under section two: The Avenues between Hendrick Potgieter Street and Aitken Street, Eastleigh, Illiondale and De Klerkshof.
  •  The following areas fall under section three: Edenglen, Hurlyvale, Highway Gardens, Harmelia and Isandovale.
  •  The following areas fall under sector four: Greenstone, Emerald Estate, Bushwillow Park and Greenstone Hill.

Residents are urged to contact the police on 10111.

Calls made to the police at this number are recorded.

Sector numbers can also be contacted as follows:

  •  071 675 6841 for sector one.
  •  071 675 6842 for sector two.
  •  071 675 6843 for sector three.
  •  071 675 6844 for sector four.

SAPS provides tips for employers and domestic workers

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