Working together we outnumber criminals

CPF patroller Martin Scott is passionate about fighting crime.

Martin Scott has been fighting crime in the Sebenza area since 2015 and he is not about to stop any time soon.

Scott is the head of patrollers at the Sebenza Police Station and he is also responsible for coordinating and recruiting patrollers.

He said he started his crime-fighting crusade because he was not happy about crime in the area and decided to do something about it.

“Seeing and reading about crime in the newspapers made me decide to join the Community Policing Forum (CPF) and become a patroller in order to assist SAPS in reducing crime,” said Scott.

He said over the years the patrollers have built a good working relationship with Sebenza SAPS.

“As CPF volunteering patrollers, we are there to assist SAPS in fighting crime because when we work together criminals don’t have the power. We also want the community to know that patrollers are the ears and eyes of SAPS as we assist in combatting crime,” he said.

Scott said, as patrollers, one of their challenges is SAPS members who don’t understand the role of patrollers because sometimes when they are called on scene they are not very helpful.

CPF chairman Andrew Mosesi said he has raised this issue at provincial level, as he feels that some SAPS members don’t understand that they have to work with CPF patrollers.

“We want SAPS members to be taught while they are still in training that they will be working with patrollers and the CPF in combatting crime,” said Mosesi.

Scott urged community members to work with them as well.

“The community must also understand that SAPS cannot be in all areas at all times. It is important for the community to realise just how much power they have because if we work together as CPF, patrollers, SAPS and the community; criminals will be outnumbered,” said Scott.

He said CPF patrollers also work with security companies.

He urged the youth between the ages of 18 and 30 to become part of the CPF Youth Desk. This is the youth fighting against crime and substance abuse.

Those who want to join can contact the Youth Desk Coordinator, Benton Bouwer, on 081 784 7901.

If you want to be a CPF patroller, contact Martin Scott on 079 516 2422.#YourStory

Buli Sonqishe

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