Greenstone man aggravated by electricity billing woes

Nic Campbell is shocked at how much his prepaid electricity has increased.

One would think that using prepaid electricity would be more cost effective than any other means but that has not been the case for one Greenstone resident.

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Nic Campbell said he noticed an increase on his April account but assumed it was because of increased electricity consumption over the winter period.

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He became concerned when it increased by the same percentage the following month and realised that something was wrong.

“According to my statement, my consumption has increased from 422 units (14 per day) to 915 units per month (30 units per day) to 1492 units (46 per day) month on month. I cannot understand how this is possible even if it is winter. This shows an increase of 50 per cent a day on an average month to month and 200 per cent overall from January to June,” said Campbell.

He said he has tried to get this matter resolved but every time he calls the City of Johannesburg’s (CoJ) customer care line he cannot get through to anyone.

“After trying the customer care line with no success I then phoned technical and was told that I need to log a call before they could assist and come out and assess if there is a fault on the meter. Until now, nothing has been resolved,” said Campbell.

Nic believes that he is not the only resident with this problem.

“I strongly believe that there are many residents who are affected by this hence I posted on the Greenstone Hill Facebook page before trying to contact the CoJ,” he said.

Campbell said the domestic effluent charge has also increased by 12 per cent.

“At the end of the day, we should have access to qualified, trained people to assist with this. I think the majority of people, although under pressure, can accept a small increase but if you see the above usage it does not make sense,” he said.

Campbell said he is not sure whether it is a faulty meter or not but no one can provide a clear explanation at this point.

“The sad reality is as customers we have no choice but to pay and hope one day it gets resolved for fear of being in arrears and or getting your power cut off,” said Campbell.

A request for comment was sent to City Power on July 5 with a request for comment by close of business on July 6. No comment had been received.


Buli Sonqishe

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