Damaged stormwater infrastructure, soil erosion cause of safety concerns in Highway Gardens

Clr Tiziana Plaskitt (Ward 92) kneeling at the edge of the broken stormwater channel which runs almost parallel to Beverly Avenue in Highway Gardens. In the photograph the erosion under the infrastructure can be seen below Plaskitt.

Damaged stormwater infrastructure and soil erosion have Clr Tiziana Plaskitt (Ward 92) up in arms.

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Plaskitt believes the damaged infrastructure could be potentially dangerous to young children and nearby property owners.

Soil erosion around broken stormwater infrastructure at a channel in Highway Gardens.

Her concerns stem from a broken stretch of stormwater infrastructure in Highway Gardens alongside Beverly Avenue.

Plaskitt believes this stretch of infrastructure has not been attended to in over a decade.

“Since the floods, [November 9], the soil erosion has gotten worse,” said Plaskitt.

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At some points the eroded channel is a few metres away from the perimetre wall of properties parallel to the channel.

On the opposite bank near the side closest to Beverly Avenue are a number of Bluegum trees.

Plaskitt said the trees could potentially fall on the houses if the soil around them is washed away.

Besides concerns of property damage Plaskitt said the damaged channel poses a danger to young children inquisitive about the water.

Peering down into the dark murky water Plaskitt said it was hard to determine the depth of the water.

“If a child falls in there and bumps their head it could be dangerous,” explained a concerned Plaskitt.

She believes that a lack of maintenance on the entire spruit contributed to the deterioration of the channel.

Simon Lapping (Ward 17), who was at the meeting, estimated that it would cost R250 million to repair the entire spruit.

“I have had a number of site visits with representatives of the municipality [about the spruit] but it seems that there is no urgency about the concerns,” said Plaskitt.

A request for comment was sent to the EMM’s department of communication on July 5, requesting comment by July 7 at 9am.

No comment has been received.

Stephan Lehman

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