Open stormwater drain threatens pedestrians’ safety in Edenvale

Alan Southwood near the corner of High and North roads where a stormwater drain is slowly deteriorating. Southwood believes the open stormwater drain is a danger to pedestrians.

Local business manager Allen Southwood has again raised concerns for public safety.

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Southwood contacted the NEWS with the hopes of highlighting the dangers Edenvale pedestrians face on pavements.

On the corner of High and North roads is an open deteriorating stormwater drain.

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The drain, which was noticed by Southwood in April this year, was reported in May.

Southwood said when he first noticed the drain the cover had fallen in and was blocking the flow of water.

“If there were heavy rains, with that lid in there, it would block the flow of water,” said Southwood.

Since then the steel supports have been taken. Southwood believes they were stolen.

A short walk down North Road and one will notice damage to a pavement.

Paving bricks were uplifted and all that remains is a dirt surface with tree roots growing in the dirt.

According to Southwood, the damage was caused by the November 9 floods.

Southwood believes the surface is dangerous to pedestrians who could injure themselves if they stumble on the uneven surface.

He added because of the condition of the pavement some pedestrians choose to walk on North Road to avoid the pavement.

Although there have been no incidents yet, Southwood believes if nothing is done to remedy the pavement something is bound to happen.

“If something does happen then there will be problems,” said Southwood.

A request for comment was sent to the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality’s communication department at 2pm on July 6 requesting comment at 2.00pmn on July 7.

No comment has been received.

Stephan Lehman

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