Speaking out against child and woman abuse

Mashile and Hill (fourth and fifth from left) flanked by Edenvale Youth Desk members as well as speakers from the event. (Photograph: supplied)

The rain did not stop Edenvale residents from coming together and joining hands in a quest to combat violence against women and girls.

The event, held at New Day Church in Edenvale, was a joint initiative between the Edenvale Social Crime Prevention unit as well as the ‘She is Free She is Beautiful’ community based campaign team.

‘She is Free She is Beautiful’ was launched in Edenvale in March this year.

“The movement creates a platform for women who have been victims of gender based violence to speak out, share their stories, to encourage as well as comfort others in the community,” said the founder, Rhoda Hill.

Hill herself was formerly in an abusive relationship and said speaking out is what healed her.

“It happened 20 years ago, the scars and wounds are still there but I am healed. We want to tell people that they are not alone, both men and women. When you speak out, that is when people become beautiful,” she explained.

The Edenvale SAPS Youth Desk, as well as Edenvale CPF members, were also in attendance.

Sgj Jacob Mashile head of Edenvale Social Crime Prevention unit said the entire community was invited to the networking event.

“With the recent rise of domestic violence against women stories, we thought it wise as SAPS to raise awareness on the issue,” said Mashile.

“It is something we feel strongly about. We as the police will fight and attack to protect our own,” he added.

Mashile said the next event would be on November 25 during the 16 Days of Activism Campaign.

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