Sebenza SAPS holds taxi forum meeting

Sebenza SAPS spokesperson, Sharon Tsotsotso, said having these meetings has helped because some of the issues have been resolved.

The Sebenza SAPS Taxi Forum held its quarterly meeting on July 13 at the police station.

The forum was launched with various taxi associations in May 2016.

The Sebenza SAPS communications officer, Sergeant Sharon Tsotsotso, said the aim of the forum was to act as a link between the police and the taxi associations in order to keep the lines of communication open.

Tsotsotso said establishing the forum has produced positive results because crime and violence related to taxi drivers, are no longer an issue in the Sebenza area.

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She said they used to receive many complaints with regards to how taxi drivers treated their passengers.

“We used to be inundated with calls and emails about taxi drivers but I am happy to say that now we don’t receive any complaints. I think the reason for that is that whenever we get those complaints, we consult with the taxi associations involved. As soon as an issue arises we get to the bottom of the problem,” said Tsotsotso.

One of the taxi owners, Nxumalo from the Johannesburg Tembisa Taxi Association (JTTA), said it was important for taxi owners to have regular meetings with taxi drivers as that helps to keep the lines of communication open.

“It is important for taxi associations to meet with taxi drivers in order to talk about what is expected of them because this is a job and needs to be taken seriously. Issues such as dress code and conduct must be discussed because you can’t dress up in shorts when you are going to work. You must be presentable and professional in order for people to take you seriously. Show people that you also value your job and that you know what you are doing,” said Nxumalo.

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He said it was the responsibility of the associations to ensure communication between them and their drivers is open.

“Things must not just end when the driver is hired. Taxi drivers are doing a job which supports their families. It is important for them to know how to treat their passengers,” he said.

Sebenza SAPS will have a meeting with taxi patrollers from various taxi associations around Sebenza.

The meeting will be held on July 20 at the Sebenza Police Station.

Buli Sonqishe

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