Edenvale residents thankful

Edenvale Emergency Services recently assisted a family during a stressful situation. The family expressed their gratitude to the emergency services personnel and thanked them for caring.

EDITOR – In the early hours of June 11 we had an emergency at our home in Dunvegan.

Top Security were there in three minutes and called out the Edenvale Emergency services.

The paramedics and ambulance responded within 10 minutes and their service was exemplary.

They dealt with the problem with compassion, concern and took over the entire situation.

We would like to thank everyone who assisted, for their prompt response and care.

We were not in a position at the time to get the names of all who were here, but nevertheless we want to express our deep gratitude to all who were involved.

We are so blessed to live in a community where there are still people who care.


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