Reader calls out motorist for driving over cat

EDITOR – This letter is for the person that rode over a cat this morning (July 23) on the corner of Sovereign and Oxford Road between 7am and 7.45am.

Whilst I agree that an accident is an accident, could you not have the heart and decency to stop your car and see if the cat was okay and not in pain? Or at least, if it was killed instantly, carry it to the side of the road/pavement?

Shame on you for leaving this poor cat there in the middle of the road for everyone to drive over. Shame on you! I stopped and put it on the pavement as it had already passed.

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To the owner of this poor unfortunate cat, my heart goes out to you as you must be devastated that your precious companion did not arrive when you called their name this morning.

An animal is a living being with a heart and a soul, they might not act like us, look like us or speak our language, but it has a beating heart and is a living creature of God.

Shame on you for leaving that cat there and driving off; I hope someone has compassion in your time of need one day, and not walk past and ignore your plea for help.


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