BEDFORDVIEW: Toddler drowns

An inquest docket has been opened by the Bedfordview SAPS after a two-year-old boy drowned.

“On July 28, a domestic worker’s child drowned in the swimming pool of the house where she is employed. Emergency services personnel tried to stabilise the boy by conducting CPR,” explained Bedfordview SAPS spokesperson Capt Andrè de Jager.

The toddler was transported to Life Bedford Gardens Hospital where he later died.

“He lost the fight for his life and passed away at the hospital in the early hours of the following day. Police investigations continue,” said de Jager.

Swimming pool drowning prevention:

• There is no substitute for a four-sided fence around a swimming-pool.

• The fencing around the swimming pool must not be able to be climbed by children and it must have a self-closing or self-latching gate that is beyond the reach of children.

• There shouldn’t be any items nearby or around the swimming pool that would allow children to climb over the fence to access the pool.

• Other children in the neighbourhood should not have access to the yard, as this will lure them to jump over the boundary fence, onto the premises to access the swimming pool.

• Pool covers, door alarms and pool alarms work well in conjunction with fences, but they are not a substitute for a four-sided pool fence.

• Swimming pools should be covered with a pool net when they are not in use.

• Don’t leave toys near the swimming pool when the pool is not being used.

• Air-filled or floating devices are not substitutes for life jackets. They are not meant to be used as safety devices.

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