Helping those who help others

Oliver the boxer watching over the Tails and Whiskers charity shop. Behind him a list of the shops beneficiaries can be seen.

Helping animals in need is a strongly rooted belief in the community of Edenvale.

But who helps the people who help the animals? The answer would be: Tails and Whiskers Charity Shop.

it was founded by two animal lovers namely, Sharon Blackwell and Renee Rossolimos, almost a year-and-a half ago. ‘Tails and Whiskers’ aims to raise funds for animal organisations in need.

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The Edenvale CBD-based Third Street charity shop raises funds for certain beneficiaries by selling donated items.

Sharon said the shop tries to raise funds for five beneficiaries caring for about 4 000 animals.

Helping animals is not something new for the pair. Sharon and Renee have always been involved in caring for the well-being of animals.

Oliver the boxer watching over the Tails and Whiskers charity shop. Behind him a list of the shops beneficiaries can be seen. Sharon Blackwell stands to his right and watches over him.

“We were both born into families that had animals. Caring for all kinds of animals is something we grew up with,” said Sharon.

Renee said when she was younger she would go into the ‘koppies’ where she would find injured animals which she would take home and care for.

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Both assisted at a wildlife rehabilitation centre where they helped to rehabilitate wild animals.

The pair decided to leave the rehabilitation centre to join the SPCA Boksburg and Benoni branches .

Sharon said the choice to join the SPCA stemmed from their desire to educate community members and to save animals.

Despite opening the shop, Sharon said they have not lost their drive to help animals.

“If we are on our way somewhere and we see an animal in need, we stop and help the animal as best we can,” said Sharon.

At the charity shop bargain hunters will find good deals as well as new information.

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She expressed her concern that the teasing of animals, specifically of dogs through fences, was prevalent in Edenvale.

“When a group of dogs is teased, the dogs can actually turn on each other and injure one another,” explained Sharon.

While the NEWS was at the charity shop, Oliver – a young male Boxer and the new mascot of the shop – was recovering from injuries inflicted by someone who teased him through a fence.

Sharon said his back leg was injured four weeks ago and his Achilles tendon was torn so he now needs a leg brace.

Since his injury the community has rallied behind Oliver.

Many of the items for sale at the shop were donated by Edenvale community members.

“Edenvale is the best place to have a charity organisation because the residents and businesses pull together,” said Sharon.

Anyone interested in donating to the shop, should come by on any of the six days the shop is open.

Sharon said the person donating the item decides which charity will receive the funds.


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