More questions raised about Terrace Road speed camera

EDITOR – I was intrigued to read your article about the speed camera on Terrace.

We live in the enclosure and often exit at the traffic light in question [on Terrace Road], sometimes even on foot. I can’t quantify the number of times when we are waiting at the intersection with not a car in sight and the camera is bravely flashing away (in the day and even the dead of night).

I’m sure the Mamba guards at the gate must sometimes feel like breaking it just to rest their eyes.

Our assumption was that it photographed the intersection regardless of traffic at the point where the lights change, possibly to catch the motorists who sneak through the red light as if it’s a yield sign for traffic turning left (or even not turning) and for those taxi’s who decide to proceed regardless.

We have also witnessed cars tearing down the road and feel a sense of sadness when they are not bathed in the blue and white flash of light.



Terrace Road to get permanent speed camera

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Stephan Lehman

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