MORE concerns about Terrace Road camera

EDITOR – I just read your article on the Terrace Road camera.

I have two points to raise. Yesterday afternoon (August 29) I was travelling in an easterly direction on Terrace Road.

I really travel so slowly. It’s almost like I am going backwards. The camera flashed. I nearly jumped out my skin.

I am 55 years old and proudly announce that I have never had a speeding fine.

My second point is: my son was taking our diabetic dog to Terrace Road Vet in the beginning of June. We received a R600 fine in teh mail for him doing 70km in a 60km zone.

He may well have been doing that as my dog was in a diabetic coma, but I certainly think R600 was steep.

We paid it, but sadly, as with all moans and groans about our beautiful land, things are running backwards.

Sorry for the offload but that traffic trap is definitely faulty.


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