Disappointing conduct by teacher – Morris

EDITOR – On Friday night I get home to find my tenant, a teacher at a local high school, had upped and left without as much as even paying the rent he owed (a leniency on my part), without a deposit (a result of my own short sightedness) and claimed I owed him money.

This is not the issue at hand. The issue is that I was gullible enough to believe the lies I was told.

I believed as a teacher, the educator of parents’ children, role model of our future leaders, I would have at least not been taken down this road as all seemed above board.

It saddens me that this culture can now possibly be moving lower down the food chain where children are being subjected to this from an early age because the principle applies to everything being taught, and if the teacher doesn’t believe in it, he most certainly will not pass it down. What a pity.

Definitely not the right thing to do.

Dudley Morris.

No clarity on proof of address

Stephan Lehman

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