Edenvale bodybuilder off to Cyprus for World Fitness Federation Bodybuilding Championships

Local bodybuilder and Edenvale High School teacher Julie Carleti is set to compete in the World Fitness Federation Bodybuilding Championships.

Local bodybuilder Julie Carleti is set to compete in the World Fitness Federation Bodybuilding Championships in November.

The 46-year-old bodybuilder and mother of three travelled to Cyprus on October 31 to compete on November 4.

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“I never expected to be selected. When they called my name at the SA Championships I didn’t respond at first,” said Carleti.

She is overwhelmed to be representing SA as that has been her goal throughout her bodybuilding career.

Carleti started bodybuilding 25 years ago.

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“At school I was a Springbok gymnast so when I left school I carried on training at the gym.

“My friend and current coach encouraged me to try bodybuilding. I enjoyed it and it just grew from there,” said Carleti.

She had to give the sport up when she and her husband started a family.

Three years ago Carletti decided to give bodybuilding another try.

“I just thought I had done my fair share of raising children and that it was time for bodybuilding again,” said Carleti.

Getting back into the sport was a big adjustment for Carleti.

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She said everything from the diet, the routines and what is expected of bodybuilders had changed.

“Twenty-five years ago you just ate healthily, put on a bikini and did an aerobic routine. Now there are so many supplements you need. Judges look at more than your routine. They take your appearance and proportions into consideration,” said Carleti.

Despite all the changes in the sport, the sport has attracted more women.

“When I first started bodybuilding it was considered a man’s sport. I remember one of my first trophies I won had a man on it. When I asked the judge why the trophy did not depict a woman, he told me because it is a man’s sport,” said Carleti.

She said the idea of women bodybuilders has become more acceptable since then.

While overseas Carleti will compete in the over 45 category.

Carleti said because of the standards required by international bodybuilding she had to ensure she stays fit, healthy and well toned.

She said judges overseas take age, muscle tone, fitness, weight, body proportion and height into consideration while adjudicating a competitor.

In order to do this, Carleti trains between three and four hours a day.

“My family are really supportive of my dream – my husband is my rock,” said Carleti.

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