‘Be aware of who charms your pet’ – Edenvale SPCA

Edenvale SPCA recently urged residents to be alert to people stopping in front of properties and taking photographs of “power breed” dogs.

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In a post made on Facebook, Edenvale SPCA said people had been taking photographs of Pitbulls in the Avenues.

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The individuals parked their car on the road and took photographs of the property.

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Inspector Jade Nel, of the Edenvale SPCA, said a local dog groomer alerted the SPCA to what seemed to be suspicious activity.

“Although the activity was suspicious, it was a misunderstanding,” said Nel.

She explained that residents were taking photographs of their own property.

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“This could have been a real case of criminals taking photographs of dogs,” said Nel.

Following the post on Facebook, Edenvale SPCA continued to urge residents to be vigilant and if possible to keep their dogs out of sight.

Manager of the Edenvale SPCA, Marita Acar, said any dog could be stolen.

Acar said stolen dogs often end up in fight rings or with backyard breeders.

“The theft of dogs is a reality and could even occur in a nice community like Edenvale,” said Acar.

Nel said suspects often befriend dogs before they steal them.

when dogs are stolen they are often befriended by suspects.

“Suspects will sit at your fence and spend time with your dog while you are away,” said Nel.

“Once a relationship has formed they just pick your dog up through the fence and lift it over.”

Tips from the Edenvale SPCA to keep dogs out of sight include keeping the dog in the backyard or putting shade net on the front fence of a property.

“If your dog is barking, don’t ignore it, it could be someone at your fence,” said Nel, and encouraged dog owners to get their pets microchipped.

She said every dog taken to the SPCA vet is scanned for a microchip.

“A microchip is the only way to legally prove that a dog is yours,” said Acar.

“We know of cases where dogs were stolen years ago and only recently reunited with their families thanks to a microchip.”

Residents who wish to get their dogs microchipped can do so at the Edenvale SPCA.

For more information about microchipping your pet phone 011 974 9268 or email manager@edenvalespca.co.za

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