Resident speaks out on more important issues in Bedfordview

I recently heard our ward Clr Jill Humphreys on the radio complaining about the billboards erected on the suspension bridge and that Bedfordview residents are fuming over the erection of them.

I’m not saying that I condone them, but to be quite frank, what Bedfordview residents are really fuming over is the scruffy and unkempt streets and pavements.

Clr Humphreys is into her second term and since she started we have seen very little if any improvement to our town.

Repair work is half done, the grass is not cut, the grass is growing in cracks in the roads, litter is plentiful, road signs are broken, pavements are damaged etc.

Billboards are one thing but the way the DA is managing our towns and cities is a far cry from the level of service delivered in Cape Town, surely it’s not too difficult to maintain things?

On a more important and serious note, Clr Humphreys should’ve been more concerned about the damaged Armco on the swing bridge that had just experienced yet another accident.

Let’s fix this before someone gets killed and then we can fight over the billboards.

Over the years there have been monthly accidents on these two bridges due to lack of warnings and road safety markings.

Lines are not painted, stop signs are damaged, minimal lead-up signs if any are evident, will it take a death for something to happen councillor?

Maybe it’s time to start publishing weekly ‘fuming photographs’ of all that is wrong in our town?

DA, it’s time to make your mark, elections are around the corner!

Mr S McEwan.

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