Humphreys responds to resident

Editor’s comment – Ward 20 Clr Jill Humphreys commented as follows:

Dear Justifiably Angry Bedfordview Resident – May I say at the outset that I completely agree with you that Bedfordview is a mess.

Perhaps I should take responsibility for the parks department being on strike and the fact that as a department the metro saw fit to approve a contract that did not include removal of clippings.

Grass cutting and weeding are at an all-time low. Road maintenance (including pavements) for Bedfordview is shared with Edenvale and Boksburg North.

Currently, they only have a third of their required complement of workers.

There is a lot more that describes the lack of capacity for this department but the bottom line is that it is hopelessly under-resourced and the metro is happy to ignore it.

We deal with the consequences on our streets.

The fibre contractors have contributed (and continue to do so) greatly to the mess.

Multiple contractors and sub-contractors dig up our pavement daily with scant regard for rehabilitation.

In spite of their promises to do so, they comfortably disappear into the multitude.

Our roads department simply cannot keep up with the destruction.

They are also responsible for damage to our already ancient and vulnerable water pipe and “pick nicks” on our electricity cables.

In wet weather, the water finds these scratches – and immediately trips the circuit.

There is no deposit requested from the fibre companies to offset the damage.

Policy in this regard is currently being reviewed.

Re the swing (suspension) bridge – in my very first year in this position I requested on my IDP that the entire intersection be re-engineered.

It would seem this is about to be achieved.

The peculiar traffic flow arrangement on the two bridges is being adjusted.

Budget is approved for this project starting this year.

There will be a presentation regarding this improvement at my ward meeting on May 9 at Bedfordview Library Auditorium, 3 Hawley Road at 6pm.

The (previously mentioned) road maintenance department is aware of the repairs that need to be made on the suspension bridge.

Regarding the billboards on bridges, the main reason this has received more attention is that this situation has triggered interest beyond Bedfordview borders.

It affects our national and provincial roads.

It is a dispute between Ekurhuleni, billboard companies and Sanral.

However, illegal signage in Bedfordview contributes greatly to the clutter and the general appearance of tawdry demise.

I am also outraged at the behaviour of billboard owners that have cut our street trees to provide better visibility for their ugly street appendages.

Once again, the under-resourced department that is meant to be dealing with this, has one truck and two people, that are tasked with the removal of all illegal signage for the entire northern region of Ekurhuleni.

As the DA representative, I remain committed to achieving the best possible service delivery for our town.

The requirement of the metro to achieve rapid densification with minimal attention being paid to upgrading of the infrastructure is the framework within which, we public representatives, are expected to operate.

Mr McEwan, may I just say that I am grateful to anyone in the community who takes the trouble to put pen to paper (or finger to technology) to try to find improvement in our suburb.

I take my responsibility very seriously and would welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss what I should be doing better.

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