From head boy to headmaster

Jeppe High School for Boys has a new headmaster, Dale Jackson, who has a long history with the Jeppe community.

Jackson publicly formalised his position as the 16th headmaster at an inaugural Headmaster’s induction assembly in April.

Jackson is not new to the Jeppe community.

He attended the school and was the head boy in 1990, the centenary year of the school.

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Jackson and his brother were always involved with the school – even during later years.

In 2004, Jackson and his brother started the Theo Jackson Scholarship Fund in honour of their father.

The brothers decided to identify a learner who could benefit from the funds they received after the death of their father. This initiative renewed Jackson’s involvement with the school.

This new chapter of his life started a journey which has led him to where he is now.

He took a three-month sabbatical from the corporate world which turned into two years.

He then decided to answer his calling and embarked on a full-time career in teaching.

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He knew where his heart was at that time.

He obtained his Post-graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and became a deputy headmaster.

During his Jeppe journey, he was always guided and mentored by the likes of Anton Dempsey and Rob Katzen – the chairman of the Jeppe Boys Association and also a former learner and head boy, as well as Prof Graham Hall, who is now the dean of the education faculty at Wits but was also a past learner.

Jeppe Boys’ headmaster Dale Jackson; his mother, Elaine Jackson and his brother, Craig Jackson. All three family members founded and are still involved in the Theo Jackson Scholarship Fund.

“The guidance and mentors prepared me for this and I’m humbled to be stepping into these shoes.

“I have always wanted to make a difference and live a life of meaning, rather than just a life of means.

“I’m passionate about education and Jeppe Boys and pledge to continue to impact and change lives positively as the headmaster of Jeppe Boys,” said Jackson.

“We are proud to have Jackson as our 16th Jeppe headmaster,” said Athly Jarvis from Jeppe administration and media.

“He prepared himself, in as much as he was able to take over the reins from Dempsey.

“As a school, we were elated when Jackson was announced as the headmaster. The Jeppe community wishes Jackson an abundance of wisdom, fortitude, health, happiness and many blessings during his tenure as headmaster,” said Jarvis.

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His inaugural assembly was attended by past headmasters David Quail, Kevin Tait and Anton Dempsey and each of them was involved in the proceedings.

Tait led the assembly, Dempsey assisted Jackson with the donning of his headmaster’s robe and Quail delivered the school’s closing prayer.

The special guests who attended the special assembly included officials from the Gauteng Department of Education as well as Jackson’s wife and four children.

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